As the industry’s premiere full service subrogation firm, SecondLook provides a deep and comprehensive service catalog.

Experts in all aspects of insurance related recoveries, SLI develops innovative custom solutions that help our clients maximize their recoveries and realize new revenue goals. We are the claims recovery authority excelling in outsourcing, arbitration, claims management, uninsured motorists, file reviews, and earned premium recoveries.

SLI develops innovative solutions which generate consistent experiences in order to track efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, and quality. Driven by our fundamental commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach, SLI delivers year-over-year results and builds upon those results as we continually improve and refine processes to best serve our valued clients.

As a result of this methodology, SecondLook is a Preferred Partner servicing valued clients that make up 80% of the Insurance Industry by revenue.

Our Team

Uniquely positioned to give our clients’ the leading advantage, the SecondLook Team is comprised of highly skilled insurance experts with specific claim experience and industry shaping thought-leaders. Consisting of insurances professionals, including Field Investigators, Licensed Adjusters experiences in both 1st Party and 3rd party claim management as well as Litigation experts.

SecondLook’s team is one of a select few service providers with active panelist that resolve disputed claims for Arbitration Forums (AF), a vital force that makes the Inter-company Arbitration process possible. Contributing to the reduction of case turnaround time and disputed claim-handling costs for the insurance industry as a whole.

Our nimble legal staff are experts in navigating the challenges related to contested insurance claims when inter-company arbitration is not an option. Driving these cases to successful outcomes, the SLI team provides added-value to our client through a significant reduction in handling time and improvements in outcomes. SecondLook utilizes a network of attorneys that are acutely versed in the real world application of current insurance laws and regulations. Our legal staff works strenuously with our attorneys every step of the way to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients in the event litigation is required.


To provide our valued subrogation clients transparency, efficiency, and unsurpassed value-add features, SecondLook invests significant resources into developing and continually improving our proprietary systems.

Expanding upon our purpose-built claims systems and utilizing the leading tools in the industry, SLI provides a significant technological advantage to our clients. SLI’s unique toolbox of technology resources include targeted intelligent treatment schedules, best-in-class file handling volumes, outcome and prioritization algorithms, seamless client interfaces, and state of the art data security. Additional benefits include:

  • Turnkey on-boarding
  • Management level reporting
  • Expert IT support
  • Realtime claim tracking
  • Realtime claim submission
  • Full record storage (claims, images, etc.)
  • Automated file submission
  • Truly transparent recovery lifecycle
  • Automated statute of limitations compliance