Convenient and transparent

Engaging with SLI is a turnkey process and convenience and transparency are mandatory.
The unique needs of each client are identified and driven by the SLI in-house project management office. Expert designed Best Practices are recommended, measurable project objectives identified and necessary criteria for success are documented. Compiled with value-adding recommendations, risks summary, milestone schedule and budget, a comprehensive overview of the project at hand is created. Responsibility and accountability every step of the way help to ensure the smoothest engagement possible.

After the engagement is in the run stage, SLI provides the tools necessary to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Our online access portal makes maintaining the visibility and control you desire a breeze. From submitting claims to tracking the lifecycle of your claims from the start to completion.

Conveniently log into the SLI access portal to review the up to the minute status and updates regarding your company’s claims. Contact our adjustors directly with questions and file updates as needed, when it best suits your schedule.

Truly full service

As the industries premiere full service subrogation firm, Second Look provides a deep and comprehensive service catalog. Providing intuitive, effective business processes, SLI aligns our subrogation strategies to the overall success of our clients’ business.

We specialize in pushing insurance related outsourcing solutions into new levels of efficiency and prosperity for our clients. Arbitration management, claims management, uninsured motorists, file reviews, earned premium recoveries and an array of uniquely developed custom solutions help our clients maximize their recoveries and realize new revenue goals.

Our fundamental commitment to excellence, innovative perspective and client-centric approach has secured Second Look as a Preferred Partner servicing valued clients which make up 80% of the Insurance Industry by revenue. How can SLI help improve your company’s working capital?


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