File Reviews

SecondLook’s closed file review program maximizes revenue by uncovering hidden recovery potential that otherwise goes unrealized in closed claims. Full file reviews identify missed opportunity and areas where improved outcomes are most commonly overlooked. SLI adopts the burden of review and can review these claims in your office or ours, whichever is more applicable to your specific policies and needs. Specialized report analysis targets claims which have not received subrogation recoveries which contain certain key data points which enable action to be taken on. Claims with missed subrogation opportunities are are a leading form of revenue leakage. Turn these losses into working capital which SecondLook File Review solutions.

Second Looks’ closed file review program uncovers dollars on claims previously closed with no recovery.

      • Review claims remotely or on site
      • Tailored remit schedules
      • Expert Team
Types of files reviews:

      • Property claims
      • Auto
      • Medpay
      • No Fault

SecondLook’s process, people, and proprietary technologies maximize the amount of recoveries possible from otherwise closed files.