For the savviest of insurance providers subrogation is not an afterthought. It is recognized that outsourcing subrogation processes are among the most effective, turnkey methods to gain the control to allocate your internal human capital more wisely. While maintaining control over your business and amplifying the effectiveness of your teams.

As recognized by the leading insurers in North America, outsourcing the entirety of a subrogation portfolio to SecondLook unlocks previously unrealized continuity, flexibility and cash flow. A company’s internal claims team is expected to be multifaceted and does not always have significant ownership in the results of subrogation efforts. They are often not assigned hard objectives for subrogation as their priorities are generally tied to other emphatic key performance indicators. It is with a broad and demanding set of responsibilities outside of subrogation, a lack of accountability and the missed refinement opportunities that comes as a result of subrogation being a “side responsibility” for a larger department whose main focus is determining coverage, investigating facts of loss, assessing liability, calculating damages, negotiating settlement, setting reserves, and issuing payment. This is how valuable subrogation dollars fall through the cracks.

Leverage SLI’s purpose-built subrogation infrastructure and team of industry experts. The SLI team is comprised of highly skilled insurance experts with specific claim experience and industry shaping thought-leaders who have uniquely positioned SLI to give our clients’ the leading advantage. With continual investment into advanced proprietary systems, SLI provides our subrogation clients with innovative value-adding features that are at forefront of the industry for convenience, security, and results.

Flexibility to scale and maneuver quickly, in unique ways that benefit your company’s specific needs. Designed from an extremely client-centric perspective SLI solutions scale quickly to meet new opportunities and adapt to changing business conditions, control operating costs while reducing risk and reaching new levels of KPI satisfaction.

Focus on core competencies. Maximize the effectiveness of internal human capital by reducing subsidiary tasks and allocating these resources to focus on core value-adding responsibilities that benefit your organization and customers.

Build long-term performance gains with improved continuity. SLI’s long tenure as an innovator and leader in the US subrogation space has attracted the best in the industry to join our team. Our solid team of industry professions are here so you don’t have to manage the often troublesome process tied to adjuster turnover.

Turnover often results in missed referrals which adversely affect subrogation results. Further compounding to the detriment of progress are the continuous investments of time and financial resources into training new employees and the ensuing ramp up stalling forward momentum. While the burdensome effort required to right the course weighs on leadership and team morale, veering teams from their true mission often creating a “downward spiral” effect. Avoiding distraction like this can save significant resources and helps in building a solid foundation for growth. SLI outsourcing solutions bring the stability and continuity you need to grow your business.

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