Many companies large and small had to make extreme budgetary changes yet continue to spend millions of dollars a year to settle lawsuits, all because they did not adequately identify and properly pursue subrogation opportunities.

At SecondLook our promise is that we get results. In fact, our clients often see a 20-30% improvement in year-over-year recoveries when working with us. Our closed file reviews will always yield missed opportunities. We are so confident of this that we conduct these reviews at no charge to you! In fact, we will not only do a “Second Look” but perform any additional reviews as well. In a recent tertiary review, we found over $2 million dollars that the first two levels of review (adjuster and vendor) overlooked.

Outsourcing is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Rather it is working together to find the deltas in your processes that would benefit from outsourcing.  Rather than pay attorney’s fees and court cost’s let SecondLook find your missed opportunities and settle cases for a fraction of the cost.

Maryann Vitkievicz is a National Sales Executive with SecondLook, a leading provider of subrogation services.  Her career has spanned more than thirty years, working with C-Suite leadership for multiple top insurers, regulatory bureaus and TPA’s.  To learn more about how SecondLook can deliver missed revenue to you please contact Maryann or visit our website