Arbitration Management

Inadequately filed arbitrations cost Insurance providers millions of dollars every year. In contrast, SecondLook generates millions of dollars for our valued clients through our Specialized Arbitration Management program.

Successful Arbitration requires substantial level of legal sophistication.
SecondLook nurtures the full lifecycle of the arbitration process. Filings and responses are handled with urgency, care, and precision. In turn, mitigating risks and vastly improving recovery rates and cutting unnecessary expenditures. The SLI specialized arbitration management team utilizes our proprietary technology and refined processing methods to maximize arbitration related returns for our clients across the board.

Unlock flexibility to scale and meet your specific business needs. As the volume of arbitrations fluctuates month-to-month take advantage of a structure which reflects the actual usage opposed to a lossy fixed cost model.

By engaging with SecondLook for specialized arbitrations solutions, our valued clients have garnered their highest recorded returns.