How are your brackets looking?   March Madness has put a wrench in many, if not most, brackets.   Who would have thought that two Florida teams, with combined probabilities of less than 5% to make the Final Four would be there at all?   Or that, for the first time in history, all #1 seeds, would be eliminated before the Elite Eight!

With the annual CLM conference upon us, we are busy preparing for what is going to be a fun and informative presentation on Bracketology, and how it not only applies to hoops, but to claims as well.  Plus, we have some GREAT prizes to give away!

On their best day analytics can be game changing both on and off the court.   Analyzing various characteristics of teams, or claims, can lead to highly effective predictions.   Or ones that never come to fruition.    Join CCC’s Tim Christ and SecondLook’s Chris Tidball as they dive into how to not only model future brackets, but how to model for more effective claims outcomes, in particular as they relate to subrogation.

While claims aren’t rocket science, sometimes the specific factors to consider are.   Speaking of rockets, this year’s CLM will coincide with a SpaceX launch that should be visible from Florida’s west coast.   Bracketology 101 will take place on Wednesday, March 28th, at 3:30 PM at this year’s CLM Annual Conference in the Tampa JW Marriott.    The SpaceX launch will be on Thursday, March 29th at 4:11 PM.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this outstanding event.

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