The 4th of July is America’s most patriotic holiday.  It is a great time to celebrate the founding and history of our nation with family, friends and fireworks.   Who doesn’t like an all-American cookout with hot dogs and hamburgers.  Aside from being Independence Day, there are many fun facts that can be shared with others.

  • John Adams penned a letter to wife Abigail predicting that this day should be filled with “games, sports, parades, bonfires, fireworks, and laugher”. Clearly, he had some vision for the future.
  • In 1777 the first July 4th fireworks show took place in Philadelphia.
  • In 1779 July 4th was celebrated on the 5th because the holiday fell on a Sunday.
  • Three U.S. president’s have died on the 4th; James Monroe, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson
  • The 50th star to our flag (Hawai’i) was added on July 4, 1960
  • 150 million hot dogs will be consumed this coming Monday
  • Speaking of hot dogs, Nathan’s Famous July 4th competition began on the day in 1916
  • 2 – The number of signers of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (John Hancock and Charles Thompson). The rest of the delegates signed over the following weeks.
  • $1 Billion is the amount that Americans will spend on fireworks for this year’s celebration.
  • Speaking of fireworks, an estimated 15,600 people are admitted to hospitals annually due to injuries related to pyrotechnics. In 2020, there were also eighteen fatalities.
  • An estimated 68.3 million cases of beer will be consumed this weekend.
  • One World Trade Center was designed to be 1,776 feet tall.
  • There were only 2.5 million people living in the United States in 1776, roughly the population of Houston today.
  • On July 4, 1778, George Washington celebrated the holiday while at war, giving his troops a double ration of rum and a cannon salute.
  • There are 31 towns in the U.S. that contain the word Liberty, the largest being Liberty, Mississippi.

From the team at SecondLook, we would like to wish everyone a fun filled and safe weekend!