Your business is in the path of a major weather event and following the storm you notice that you have incurred property damage.  Is there a chance for you to recover funds associated with the property damage by means of subrogation?  Yes, absolutely!  For example, the building materials utilized such as a roof system and or how the roof was installed or constructed may have been faulty thus causing plausible means to recover funds via subrogation.

Our national restoration partner, First Onsite; has the capability to respond and mobilize assets to handle every component of the mitigation, restoration and reconstruction process no matter the task at hand.  In partnering with First Onsite, SecondLook has added to its bench of industry experts to aid in the preservation of evidence as well as capabilities to obtain detailed documentation which contributes to streamlining the subrogation process.  Through the partnership between SecondLook and First Onsite, we empower clients to act confidently during a property loss no matter how large or small it may be and ensure that we are going to work in their best interest throughout the entire subrogation and restoration process.

With over $1 billion dollars recovered for clients, SecondLook, Hauppauge NY, is lauded as a collaborative business partner. We drive results while freeing up your claims staff to focus on more complex issues. Areas of practice include Auto, Property, Worker’s Compensation (liens and credits), UM/UIM, Disability, Excess/Surplus, Healthcare, Reverse Subrogation and Subrogation Purchasing. The reason for our success is that our team is comprised of proven claims experts with years of expertise in adjusting, management, and executive leadership for some of the largest and most successful carriers in the industry. We understand your challenges because we have sat where you sit. Our unique solutions are specifically designed to make our clients more effective than ever.

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