As the transportation industry is becoming more technology-driven, great efforts are being undertaken towards sustainability. Global passenger demand is on the rise both in mature and emerging markets, where the population is becoming increasingly affluent and mobile. In terms of cargo transportation, trade relations between China, North America, and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) are forecast to drive up traffic demand over the coming years. Bulk products are typically carried by railways, trucks, and ships. In the logistics industry, intermodal freight traffic is the most common choice to move consumer goods, as freight that is shipped in containers can easily be moved interchangeably by trucks, railroads, and containerships.

Ocean and inland marine can present challenging subrogation scenarios. Our team of dedicated specialists have extensive experience in this area. We focus on the recovery of package limitations and limits of liability on Ocean, Inland & Aviation cargo claims, Ocean Shipping Cargo, Railroads, Trucking, and Air Cargo Carriers for damage to cargo for Self-Insureds and Insurance Companies subrogation on behalf of their insured’s damaged, destroyed, stolen and lost freight shipments.

Our team is focused on finding evidence and circumstances to breach the package limitations or limits of liability to maximize recovery on the shipping loss.

Beyond Ocean and Inland Marine, our capabilities encompass the entire subrogation ecosystem. While the closed file audits are used to identify missed opportunities, we have an entire ecosystem dedicated to subrogation. We begin with early identification at FNOL and include outsourcing, staff augmentation, CAT support, arbitration, litigation, and uninsured claims. Our clients typically see a substantial lift in recoveries when utilizing our services, with some carriers reporting a lift of 20-30% in bottom-line recoveries.

Maryann is the National Sales Executive for SecondLook.  She has been collaborating with C-Suite executives of insurance companies, self-insureds and brokers for more than 30 years to find the best solutions for complexed problems.  She can be contacted for more information. 805-791-4476