For more than 30 years SecondLook has provided cutting-edge applicant and response arbitrations for Multiple Top 20 and regional insurers, as well as a wide variety of TPA’s and self-insureds for auto, property, and workers compensation. SecondLook is also a leading provider of PIP related arbitration and files more that 10% of all PIP-related arbitration in the State of New York, as well as a significant percentage in other no-fault states.

Our success is derived from the extensive domain expertise of a dedicated arbitration team and the utilization of advanced technology to identify key contentions that have the highest probability of winning. The results speak for themselves, with our arbitration win rates being significantly higher than the industry average.

Whether you fully utilize our services, having our experts augment your arbitration and subrogation organization, or taking advantage of our 600 years of collective experience, we can help return money to your organization. Let us look at your closed claims at no cost to you unless we recover. Our proprietary ID algorithm and a vast amount of claims experience that allow for identifying a significant number of files that often go uncollected we can improve your loss ratios too.

Maryann is the National Sales Executive for SecondLook. She has been collaborating with C-Suite executives of insurance companies, self-insureds and brokers for more than 30 years to find the best solutions for complexed problems. She can be contacted for more information. 805-791-4476